Mission Planning for Pre-Flight and In-Flight Situational Awareness

Throughout history, military aviators have relied on mission planning as a critical element in the success of their operations. The ability to model performance for evolving aircraft at various environmental conditions increases the need to sustain and advance the capabilities of mission planning systems in support of the war-fighter.

Flight Performance Models

  • Digital models of aircraft performance flight capabilities and limitations​
  • Used for U.S. Army, U.S. Airforce, Special Operations (SOMPE, AFSOC) Mission Planning​
  • Applies data obtained from OEM, flight tests, and aircraft manufacturers​
  • Utilizes advanced numerical methods, standard mathematical techniques, and physics based modeling​

Desktop Planning

  • Rotary Wing
    • Apache​ (H-64)
    • Blackhawk​ (H-60)
    • Chinook​ (H-47)
    • Kiowa warrior (H-58)
    • Little Bird (H-6)
  • Fixed Wing
    • Hercules (C-130J, MC-130J)
    • Stratotanker (KC-135​)
    • Fighting Falcon (F-16​)
    • Super Galaxy (C-5M​)
    • Spartan JCA​ (C-27J)
    • Sherpa​ (C-23)
    • Cessna Citation
    • UAS Grey Eagle​ (MQ-1CER)

Mobile Application Planning

  • Application Experience
    • PPC
    • TOLD
    • Weight and Balance
  • Platforms Supported
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows Mobile

Additional Solutions

  • Performance Banding
  • Interactive Charts
  • Performance Awareness
  • Route Planning
  • On-Board Performance Planning
  • Desktop Performance Planning
  • Tools developed for PFPS, XPLAN, and JMPS