ARINC 665 Loadable Software Standards

Craft Designs, Inc (CDI) can deliver Aeronautical Radio, Inc (ARINC) format specific products as required by the Loadable Software Standards listed below:

  • ARINC 615A
  • ARINC 665
  • ARINC 665-1
  • ARINC 665-2
  • ARINC 665-3

Utility software was developed for the MS Windows platforms to provide the capability of producing ARINC Loadable Software Parts (LSP) from a user specified set of electronic file(s). These standards outline and require extensive data checks to assure the secure transfer of the LSP from the Loadable Software Transport media, such as a DVD or memory card, to the destination platform. The integrity of the data is checked at each stage of the transfer, thus providing the ability to detect and report corrupt data as required by the target platform. The LSP are assembled into Media Sets that can be configured, controlled, and delivered with confidence and used for field upgradeable deployment.

CDI can provide the technical support needed to create Loadable Software Transport media parts (Media Sets) that assures compatibility, interoperability, and integrity and also conforms to the requirements of the ARINC Report 615A Software Data Loader Using Ethernet Interface. This utility software has been created in accordance with the ARINC Reports 665-1/2/3 Loadable Software Standards. CDI can distribute Software Media Sets that abide by precise ARINC controlled file contents and formats and can be used in aircraft systems, equipment, programs, and Line Replaceable Units (LRUs). CDI’s Media Set tool has the ability to evolve with time while maintaining a maximum backwards compatibility with existing LSP formats.

The usage of LSP allows manufactures and maintenance operators to change the configuration of loadable systems without physically modifying or replacing hardware assemblies. Benefits include the ability to incorporate design improvements, correct errors, and meet new requirements.

Loadable software parts fall into several categories according to function:

  • Operational Flight Program (OFP).
  • Database.
  • Program modifiable information (PMI).

Operational Flight Program (OFP).
The operational flight program acts on data contained in the program modifiable information files to define the behavior and function of an LRU. The OFP is typically the largest, most complex software associated with an LRU, both in the amount of information it contains and the time required to load the software.

A database is a collection of data arranged for easy access and retrieval by the OFP of an LRU. Some of the databases used by software loadable LRUs are

  • Flight management system (FMS) navigation database (NDB).
  • FMS model/engine database.
  • FMS performance defaults database.

The NDB, which is quite familiar to operators, is a database of navigation and route information used by the FMC to carry out navigation tasks. NDB software is typically revised every 28 days and becomes available approximately one week before it becomes effective.

Program modifiable information (PMI).
This is small data file that supplies information to the OFP of some LRUs. The manufacture or maintenance operator generates the PMI data file to specify preferences for functions such as Built-in Test (BIT), report generation, data recording, and services to provide specific information as required by an LRU.

Supported Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows XP-32, XP-64, Vista-32, Vista-64, Windows 7-32 and Windows 7-64

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